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Musica Sin Fronteras: Twentieth Century To Now

Apr 27, 2024 -

Musica Sin Fronteras: Twentieth Century to Now invites audiences to explore the vibrant and diverse musical landscape that has thrived along the frontera throughout the greater part of the 20th century to the present. From dynamic musicians to iconic bands, from eclectic genres to renowned studios and venues, this exhibition celebrates the rich tapestry of musical heritage that calls the borderlands home. Musica Sin Fronteras delves into the evolution of diverse musical communities, venues, and cultures that emerged during the economic boom at the turn of the century, shaping the unique identity of the frontera music scene. This immersive experience not only recognizes but also revels in the profound contributions upon national and international music landscapes, offering visitors an unforgettable sonic experience.

This exhibition will be on display through April 2025.

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