DIGIE screens are being installed. A portion of our entry way will be closed off when you visit Wednesday - Sunday, but yes! - we are still open.

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General Tips 

Museums can sometimes have a reputation as being intimidating or elitist but there is no “right” or “wrong” way to explore one. Museums are informal educational spaces, and it’s up to you how you want to experience and engage with the information presented. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips on how to move through the Museum space: 

Focus on what interests you – Exhibits often pack a lot of information into a small space, so don’t feel pressure to read and see everything in one visit. Spend time with the objects and panels that you find most exciting, compelling, and engaging. What do you find most interesting and why do you think it draws you in? 

Connect with yourself – Often the history taught in school takes a “Great Men of History” approach (i.e. focusing on the George Washingtons and Abraham Lincolns) and while it is obviously important to learn about the big names, it is equally valuable to understand how everyday people lived—how they participated in major events, how their lives were impacted, and what their day-to-day looked like. Our exhibits feature a mix of major figures and everyday El Pasoans. As you move through the galleries, consider your own history, whether it is here in this region or elsewhere. How does your story connect to those featured in the exhibit? What parallels and intersections do you see? 

Ask questions – Our staff is here to help! Have a question about something you’ve read or seen? Our Visitor Services Assistants at the front desk are happy to answer your inquiries, share more information, or point you in the direction of additional resources.  


Gallery Prompts 

If you’re visiting the Museum with friends or family, questions can be a great way to engage both with the exhibit content and with each other. Check out our questions below for some inspiration! 


Focused Activities 

Exhibit Diary – Exhibit diaries are an easy way for all ages to get engaged with exhibits. Exhibit diaries feature six different prompts that ask guests to reflect on what they have seen in the different exhibits they have visited. Exhibit diaries are free and available upon request at the front desk and can be completed at the upstairs Escuelita.  

Scavenger Hunt – Copies of the scavenger hunt are available at the front desk. Take a photo (no flash) with each of the objects and present your pictures to the front desk for a special sticker. 

DIGIE – DIGIE is a community archive that anyone can submit to. Bringing together many different voices, it tells the story of El Paso and the people who have lived here and made it their home. We encourage everyone to share their and their family’s stories so that we can have a richer, more fuller understanding of what life is like in our region. We encourage you to explore as part of your visit. Try searching for some familiar things: your street, your school, your family name, your favorite place to eat in the city. Don’t find anything? Share your story via DIGIE.org! 



Head to our Escuelita on the second floor for self-guided activities and K-12 books related to exhibit content and general history. 

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