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Dualidad: Indigenous Gender Identity in the American Southwest and Mexico

Mar 28, 2024 -

“Dualidad” is a look into the Southwestern United States and Mexican Indigenous tribes, and their connection to community members who identified as gender-nonconforming including the concepts of individuals possessing both male and female identities. Throughout the process of colonization and its devastating effects to regional cultural identities, the respect and recognition of Two Spirit people has been lost, diminishing their roles in society. However, many Two Spirit and gender-nonconforming individuals have worked to regain their power and place in the community and culture through education, healing, and art practices.

This exhibition will highlight the Zuni, Diné, Apache, Laguna/Acoma/Pueblo, Mexica, Rarámuri and Zapoteca tribes who have honored gender-nonconforming individuals as foundational members of their culture as well as artists, medicine people, and visionaries within their given community.

“Dualidad: Indigenous Gender Identity in the American Southwest and Mexico” is on display through March 2025.

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